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Train Internal Advertising

Train Internal Advertising

Mumbai Local Train Advertising can be done in two ways - INTERNAL & EXTERNAL

INTERNAL Train Advertisement types:

Train Inside Panel
Train Route Map
Train Jingles Announcement

Mumbai local Train Inside panel - The unavoidable

The average time a person travels on the train is 30 minutes. This is the time when boredom hits passengers. So, this time is best suited to convey your message. This is because, it gives a brief to the public about your brand. People can fast forward the television commercial or change radio channels, as well as, flip pages of the magazine when they come across an advertisement, but Inside panel advertisement cannot be ignored. It is just Unavoidable.

Mumbai Local Train Route map - Gives end to your search

This way of advertisement is like two targets smeared by one arrow.People who are new to the railway routes, prefer referring to the route map to come across the station details which provides an opportunity for the companies to highlight their brands along with the map. Hence, the purpose of the traveler is fulfilled as well as your brand is registered in their mind. People who stand to experience a pleasant environment notice several advertisements around and refer them whenever required.

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