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Train External Advertising

Train External Advertising

Trains will appear too outdated if not adorned with advertisements externally. Any attractive thing pulls attention. Externally, a train has a broader area to showcase a brand, hence it appeals more to commuters. People with short attention span can easily notice the brand at the exterior of the train. But to intensify the effect of the campaign going with both is necessary. As both are incomplete without each other. If you advertise the brand outside the train then the awareness of your brand will not only reach the travelers of the train but also, it will reach the people standing on the platforms. Even when one train moves past the other, the commuters of one train do notice the brand advertised on the exterior of the other train.

In order to do outside advertisements, you should use bright colors and a bigger font so that it catches the attention of commuters. Just by looking at the color people can easily recognize the brand name.

Telex advertising is a sole rights agency to do advertise in Mumbai local Trains, thus the companies can easily rely on our shoulder to extract the maximum benefits from the transit media campaign. we shoulder the duty of procuring maximum benefit for the company in a cost-effective manner. We have come into existence to make the brand breath, having an experience of Sixteen years, surely we can promise that your time and money won’t go in vain, Trust us.

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