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We have bill advertising services in Mumbai, Thane & Vashi.

In the modern and digitized world, more and more families are billed for one service or the other. May be it Gas Bill, Electricity Bill Telephone Bill or the Postpaid mobile bill. So, why to leave a space which is so highly targeted and sure to be read by bill payer. You can advertise your products and services through these bills in a specific city or locality and ensure that marketing is done in a smarter way.

Through this, you can reach every Indian urban household and rural household too. The biggest advantage is that you can have city wise targeted audience in selected areas.

Other advantages of Bill Advertising are High Visibility (i.e. only one advertisement on the front and back of the bill Micro targeting possible) and high shelf life (i.e. these bills usually are on the table of the household for a long time).

Theatre Advertising

In the world full of series lovers, people are addicted to Netflix, Amazon series; but they never miss the chance to watch their favorite stars on the big screen. Leisure time in life is the most enriching phase. Many new sources of entertainment have accepted in this modern era, but love for cinema has never faded. Many people visit the cinema with their friends, families. Theatre is a fun spot for many, where people laugh, smile, cry, cheer as well as pray for the protagonist. Hence, People weave beautiful memories within theatre, where people are more emotionally charged and tapping the emotional brain, during this time can be a fruitful opportunity for any company to push their products and services in the audience mind . People are exposed to the attributes of the product during the enriched ambiance of the theatre, which drops nuances of the product in the mind of the people.

People give attention to advertisements while waiting for their movie commencement, as well as while waiting in the queue to collect their orders. Interval is a phase, where people move out of the theatre and march towards the food stores, thus, during this time, if they see products’ advertisements on the walls around them, as well as, the advertisements on the food tray, and on the leaflet; the advertised products get settled in the subconscious mind. In leisure time, brains are more active and highly aware of the surrounding, which is an annexed benefit for the advertiser. A pleasant environment with a relaxed mind and body will always show interest in the advertisement featured before the start of the film or during the interval. Many times advertisement is preferred by the advertiser on the exit aisle. When the mind is fully relaxed and is in a jolly state, everything around becomes interesting. This can instigate a person to buy a new product.

An advertiser's primary role is to play with people’s minds, and the right way of communication if adapted, it is like a cherry on the cake. The right mode of advertisement is desirous by advertisers for their brands. Inflated attention is sought by advertisers, in theatre people can’t flip the channel or cannot move out just for few seconds, thus, advertisement receives around 150 to 350 plus views in a single show, which can be multiplied with the number of shows, run in a day by a theatre. In essence, theatre advertising has conspicuous results as a group of the diverse throng is exposed to the advertisement.

When a brand doesn’t have a restricted target audience then the theatre advertisement is helpful. Theatre caters to multilingual audiences. In theatre there is a huge price difference on the basis of the seats’ location in the hall, thus, people with various spending capacity are exposed to the brand. Several options are available these days in the theatre like Cinepolis, PVR, INOX, BIG cinemas. Hence, advertisements for those products are generally preferred in theatre, which are mediocre in the price range. Thus, this product can be easily bought by upper-middle-class people, as well as, middle class people.

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