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Metro Advertising

Metro Advertising

As we know Mumbai is famous for Local Trains which is an effective mode of transport but on the other hand, Mumbai Metro train is also the life of the suburbs.

Mumbai metro is basically speed integrated with luxury. It handles a highly diversified crowd. The crowd constitutes the lower middle class to upper-class people. When a person from the cooperate world wants to reach in a meeting without sweat and tiredness, the Mumbai metro can be a helping hand. Who doesn’t want to escape sweat, inconvenience??

Mumbai metro supports a pleasant environment as well as the view. Now just imagine your target audience is getting exposed to your brand in a comforting environment, don’t you feel it will help to associate your brand with luxury, comfort and joy ?? We just want to add a small suggestion here - A good brand image can end all your struggles.

Advertising on Metro trains popularizes your brand at a different level. We at Telex help you to make this happen with proper strategy building. Metro Advertising will give your Brand an upward push.

Giving an end to low sales !!

Mumbai metro station is a live example of technology that brought existence with robust working. When you look around on the metro station, you see an escalator, Backlit station boards, sensor-based ticket checker, LED. These facilities can be deployed to capture people’s minds. When people come across new technology it captures their mind. Thus, why not utilize this attractive mode to advertise ?

As the world is upgrading in terms of technology, this medium shouldn’t remain untapped by advertisers. LED screen which has moving display plays with customers’ minds and registers. People of the elite group would always prefer luxury and status over money. If you make them realize that in a pool of brands your brand represents high status, the person won’t go for any other brand.

Metro has high connectivity, so people with ‘luxury-seeking’ and ‘GO-GREEN’ attitude would prefer public transport. Therefore, if you are targeting a flexible lot of people as your target audience, this high technology-based media shouldn’t be abandoned.

If an advertiser wants to showcase its brand to localized high-class people or people from a decent background, the Mumbai metro is a huge opportunity to grab. Thus, it can be cost-effective for a company that doesn’t have deep pockets for advertisements in airports. Advertisements in Mumbai metro station with Mumbai metro, have enhanced the benefit of visibility.

Inside Metro Advertisement

Digital Screens, Handle Bars, Wall Wraps, Window Panel Strips, Side Wall Wrap, Seat Panel Branding; multiple locations are available inside the metro which fetches high benefits to advertisers. Digital screen, being an advance technology it pulls attention and engages minds with the brand.

Wall wraps, Handlebars, Panel strips, Sidewall wrap add benefits to Digital screen. This gives specificity to the brand and makes it stand out from other brands. Thus, high reach with high frequency can work wonders for a company !!!! Therefore, the impact is generated.

A brand needs a good image with a higher recall value, which becomes accessible through the metro as a mode of advertisement. A company looks for generating impact in the minds of people which aids high ROI. Hence, Mumbai metro not only adds pace to the life of the people but also to the life of the brand.

Our company, Telex advertising is the most reliable source to gain high profit through Metro advertising. We are into this business to serve your company effectively and efficiently.

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