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Hoardings Advertising

Hoardings Advertising

How much the world progresses we should never forget our roots! Our tradition is instilled by our parents and grandparents. Then how can an advertiser forget the TRADITIONAL form of hoarding advertising or now days it is also called us billboard advertising ? Our traditional mode of advertisements is the roots of the business, through which we have seen various business growing in ages.

Billboards advertising (Hoardings advertising) have a bigger impact. They are immobile but do cross our minds. Though Roads, Parks, Station areas are static but the visiting crowd is dynamic. The crowd keeps on replenishing and also the minds keep on refreshing with new brands crossing their site. Billboard advertising (Hoarding advertising) colorful appearance is an eye-pleasing effect with better recall. Seeing colors around with the brand name and the product, gives a brand image. A billboard advertising (Hoarding advertising) is never hard on pockets for a company. It can be a stepping stone for a company if the right location is chosen with the right message. Billboards advertising (Hoarding advertising) deliver the message of the brand clearly as it has high visibility and the crowd is mobile.

Billboards advertising (Hoarding advertising) are at various locations in the city as well as outside the city depending upon the requirements of our client. If an advertiser wants its ad to be displayed in the city, they usually go with crossroads or busy streets. But an advertiser can also go for highways, if they want to advertise about fun parks or plots available outside the city for investments. Billboards advertising (Hoarding advertising) serve both purposes. Innovation in hoarding & Gantry content is still pending.

Even Station boards are beneficial if you want to tap the working crowd, who are highly entrapped in the hustle and bustle of life and have no time to travel by roads. Thus, if your target audience escapes roadways, station boards are the helping hand and vice-a-versa, if a part of your target audience escape stations.

As India is progressing at the technological domain, Lit billboards are not far to conquer your target audience. Lit billboards advertising (Hoarding advertising) enhance visibility as well as makes the message more prominent. The darkness of night can’t hinder your path to success.

Lit hoardings can be of two types, depending on the side of the light attached. Few prefer putting a light behind the flex were as few advertisers wants the light to be attached in the front to make it appear more lively.

Uni-poles are caught by even drivers’ sight. Areas which are visited by several people to enjoy the avenue is a perfect location to display your message like Nariman Point, Worli, Marine Lines, Juhu, Thane & Palm beach, as well as commercial areas like Dadar,Parel, Andheri, Powai Goregaon, Belapur, Nerul, Vashi & Pune.

POLE KIOSKS : With the changing trends, even billboards advertising (hoardings advertising) have picked up the revolutionary pace. Innovation in the billboard is not new. Many creative ideas hit the advertiser mind which is executed to pull the attention of people. These days 3D hoardings and light pole kiosks have become common. Advertisers, who think out of the box have given an edge to this traditional media.

A witty advertiser would always prefer hoardings near the traffic signal of higher waiting times. Higher the waiting time, the higher the benefit for a brand. As when a person gets idle time for a few seconds or minutes, he would look around and notice things on the road which not only aids to generate perception about the brand but develops higher recall.

Hoardings advertising (billboards advertising) can also render directions along with the brand name which somehow renders drivers to also have a look, even while driving; and take people closer to the brand instead of a superficial look. Innovation in billboards is like an engagement activity, as mind engages with the brand and it etches somewhere back in the head. A person is surrounded by several brands, but only those brands pull attention which has innovation integrated with the right form of communication.

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