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Autorickshaw Advertising

Autorickshaw Advertising

Auto-rickshaw branding is one of the easiest & economical mode of advertising.

Cab Branding and Taxi Advertising

Cab Branding is a good choice one can do for branding & advertising purposes.

Look Walker Advertising

Look walker advertising has a power to change your product perspective.

Mobile Van Advertising

Mobile Van Advertising

Make an impactful presence felt amongst your targeted consumers! Use Mobile Van Advertisings from Telex Advertisings to launch, promote and advertise your products before your consumers without incurring a lot of expenditure.

Pamphlet Distribution Advertising

Pamphlet distribution is the quickest & easiest method of advertising.

Tempo Advertising

A visual advertisement is very effective due to the fact that many people can see it when it is placed anywhere.

Tricycle Activity Advertising

If your brand caters to the local audience for example it is a Gym, retail shop, start up product launch or exhibition this the best medium to reach your audience.

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