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Hoarding Designs

Telex-Hoarding-Design-1 -It's a no.1meduim for outdoor Media.

-It covers the entire crowd going through road and Highways.

-Hoardings are Highly Illuminated and eye catching.

-24hrs visibility no newspaper & magzine work in this way.

People Have To See It

Telex-Hoarding-Design-4 Since billboards are generally placed along highways and busy roads, you are guaranteed that people will see your advertising. Also, unlike with other commercials or magazine advertisements, you cannot flip the channel or turn the page on a billboard. Therefore, people have to notice the billboard whether they like it or not. Another added benefit is that most people travel the same route daily, such as with their commute to work each day. This means that they shall see your billboard regularly, which makes it more likely to be above on their minds.

Customized Placement

Telex-Hoarding-Design-2You can place your billboard advertisement wherever you feel it will have the most likely impact. This can be a big advantage when you have a brand you want to draw traffic to right off a regular highway exit, or you have a showroom just down the road corner. You can also use billboards in areas where reaching people is sometimes difficult. An example is rural farming communities spread over vast distances. By placing your billboard advertisement along one of the main roads around the community, you'll greatly increase your visibility. Bus Advertising

Messages Must Be Short

A person will see your billboard for about two to three seconds. Telex-Hoarding-Design-3This means you shall need to keep your messages very brief and to the point. Billboards do much better when they focus more on pictures than on text. Also, billboards are often seen by people driving by & since they are moving, it makes it difficult for reading. Therefore, any text written on the billboard must be large enough for them to view/read easily.

Long-term Association

Telex-Hoarding-Design-4Billboard companies often have businesses enter into contracts that involve long-term agreements. Majorly because it takes a lot of time, energy and money to constantly change billboard ads. According to Marketing Scoop, billboard contracts usually cover a duration of three months to several years. This makes billboard advertising less conducive for businesses who frequently change their advertising campaigns on a weekly or monthly basis. Billboard advertising works better for overall business and brand advertising than it does for temporary specials and sales.