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The established year of the company is 4th january 2004. We are the topmost Advertising Agency catering to outdoor publicity on Indian Railway. We are the best in business and pioneer in a range of effective advertising media. Engaging us to advertise your products, services or brands can prove to be a wise choice because we promise the widest audience and high rate of reach ability like no other advertising house. Your business is bound to soar in our partnership. Your business will translate into stupendous profits resulting in undisputed success for you. Partner with us and profit well!!

We provide our expertise and experience in a wide range of advertising media for you to choose the most effective one to reach your select clientele or audience. Each media has its own marvelous benefits and one cannot beat the other. We are thus, proud to pronounce that we cater expertise like no other media house in business. And that you will be spoilt for choice when you engage us for your advertising and publicity needs.

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A whole range of Railway Advertisings at Stations throughout Mumbai (Full Train Branding, Train Internal Branding, Railway Station Advertising, Media Glow Sign and Boards on Railway Platforms). The most effective of all out-door advertising medias, this advertising media is the most impactful and result-oriented.

(Mumbai - Pune Express Highway, Mumbai - Nashik Highway, entire Mumbai City, entire Pune City & Thane District). With clear and decisive visibility, this advertising medium is highly popular and at the same time very efficient.

Bus advertisings on Public transport buses (Best Bus Advertising, AC Bus Advertising, Bus Stop Shelter). On city roads and highways, this bus advertising can prove to be equally effectual in reaching audiences from diverse financial classes, socio-cultural groups and ethnic groups.

Advertisings and hoardings on mobile vans, school buses and tempos is prominent medium. Making advertising more reachable and visible all over the place, this media is becoming popular day by day. And we are catering to this kind of advertising in a big way.

In fact, we are into pole installations in a big way. It is a simple, cost-effective and yet impactful.

Jingles broadcasted through railway announcements. That tuneful ad, with music, effective lyrics and anecdotes ringing in your ears is created by us. Such kind of advertising registers with the audience excellently and leads to an amazingly effective recall and brand recognition.

Who doesn't visit shopping malls these days? And so, we have pioneered this innovative advertising media where you can attract the attention of all mall-goers in the most effectual manner and compel them to notice your products and services.

Airport advertising technique proves to be highly successful in attracting high-end spenders and elite audiences who use airports to travel within the country or abroad.

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To become No.1 in OOH media agency in Maharashtra state


To give complete media solution to client To give best value for money to client. Better service


Authorized Agent for Indian Railways More than 50 Hoardings sites are in possession to come Followed by key benefits


No middlemen direct advertising ensuring right pricing, Site Duplication avoided, Target audience clearly reached, Matched locations with traffic and demography optimisation.



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Effectiveness of Railway Advertising


Mumbai life line are its Local Trains. Local trains in Mumbai have the highest passenger density of any urban railway system in the world. Mumbai is the financial and commercial capital of India. This is possible because of its lifeline–its local trains, which are like arteries and veins of this humungous metropolitan. Local trains in Mumbai are convenient, fast, reliable and cheap. Hence, preferred by scores of Mumbaikars.


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Out of Home Advertising (OOH Advertising): Best Bet in Advertising


These are such times that millions of people stay out of home for major part of the day in relation to work or their business. In earlier times only men used to venture out of homes for work and personal reasons.


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Why Local Train Advertising In Mumbai is very successful


The Mumbai Suburban Railway is a suburban rail system serving the Mumbai Metropolitan Region. It is operated by Indian Railways' two Zonal Western Railways (WR) and Central Railways (CR). The system carries more than 7.24 million commuters daily. It has the highest passenger density of any urban railway system in the world. It carries 6.94 million passengers per day.


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Benefits of Railway Advertising


With Railway advertising you can reach out to a wider audience of consumers in the most easy, quick and efficient way. Another name for Railway advertising is Train Station advertising. An ideal way to attract the attention of millions of commuters travelling by trains daily all across Mumbai City.


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Why does outdoor advertising prove to be so effective?


Outdoor advertising as an advertising media proves to be highly effective because as a media it enjoys reach ability like no other media. Millions of people get attracted to them and notice them. This advertising tool can be used to convey your messages to a wider emography of people.


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