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Welcome to Telex Advertising !

  • We are one of the leading Advertising Agencies engaged in the outdoors publicity on Indian Railway.
  • All Mumbai Railway Station Advertising ( Full Train Branding, Train Internal Branding, Railway Station Advertising media Glow Sign and Board on platform), City & Highway Hoarding (Mumbai Pune Express Highway, Mumbai Nashik Highway, Mumbai City, Pune City & Thane District hoarding), Bus Advertising (Best Bus Advertising, AC Bus Advertising, Bus Stop Shelter), Mobile Van Hoarding, School Bus Advertising, Tempo Advertising, Pole Kiosks, Railway Announcement Jingles, Mall Advertising, Airport Advertising and other outdoor mediums in Mumbai and Maharashtra.
  • We are the pioneer for Full Suburban Local Train Branding and Advertising in Mumbai on Central, Harbour and Western lines.
  • We are very strong on Bus Advertising on all BEST (Mumbai), NMMT (Navi - Mumbai), KDMT (Kalyan – Dombivli), TMT (Thane), MBMT (Mira rd. & Bhyander), & PMT (Pune).
  • Transport Buses in Maharashtra.
  • All types of outdoor mediums offered by Mumbai Railway as well as city and state bus.

Our Services


Railway Station Advertising

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Bus Advertising & Branding

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Mobile Van Hoardings

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Mall Advertising & Branding

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Train Advertising & Branding

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Bus Stop Shelter Advertising

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Highway & City Road Hoarding

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Airport Advertising & Branding

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Train Internal Branding

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School Bus Advertising & Branding

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Hoarding on Mumbai Pune Express Highway

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Pole Kiosks Advertising & Branding

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Newspaper Advertising

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AC Bus Branding & Advertising

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Taxi Advertising

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Railway Announcement Jingles

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Media Offered

Telex Advertising is well equipped with outdoor solutions ranging from hoarding to road dividers from airport branding to bus branding
  • Railway Station Advertising
  • Train Advertising and Branding
  • Train Internal Branding
  • Glow Sign at Railway Station
  • Bus Advertising and Branding
  • Bus Stop Shelters Adverytising

  • Mobile Van Hoardings
  • Highway & City Road Hoardings
  • Pole Kiosks Advertising
  • Announcement Jingles
  • School Bus Advertising
  • Tempo Advertising
  • Hoarding on Mumbai Pune
    Express Highway
  • AC Bus Branding Advertising
  • Airport Advertising & Branding
  • Mall Branding & Advertising

Why choose Telex Advertising for Marketing & Advertising ?

We believe that client growth is our company growth
Effective media buying allows you to target the most responsive and most valuable audience in the most cost-effective way. It's about maximizing response. We'll work closely with you, because nobody understands your business and your customers better than you do. We'll analyze your market and build up a detailed profile of what your customers look like, where they live, what they like to do, what roads they use etc. Because the more we know about your customers, and the people you'd like to have as customers, the easier we can reach them.

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We know how to make our client's voices rise above the chatter, it's not about shouting the loudest. It's about shouting in the right place, at the audience, at the right time. That's what intelligent media buying is all about.

We Deliver Audience. Our media is targetable by market and demographic, allowing us to pinpoint accurately who you need to reach, and then reach them consistently 20+ times each month.

We Deliver Service. We are committed to delivering research and information that helps tailor-make a program to achieve your marketing objectives. We are committed to the "after-sale," following your program through success.

We Deliver Media. Suburban bulletins and mall displays, urban bus shelters, local buses and AC buses and everything in between – from billboards on the highways entering major cities, to rail systems connecting bedroom communities, to downtown centers.



Complete OOH media solution Media planning from our expertise team Complete report of pre & post campaign


To become No.1 in OOH media agency in Maharashtra state


To give complete media solution to client To give best value for money to client. Better service

Our Strength

Authorized Agent for Indian Railways More than 50 Hoardings sites are in possession to come Followed by key benefits

Key Benefits

No middlemen – direct advertising vendor ensuring over pricing is eliminated
Duplication of sites is avoided
Target audience will be clearly reached
Organized freebies during the display period
Matched locations with traffic and demography and also day and night traffic
Better service and selection of sites